Digestarom supports the development of gastrointestinal tract and helps to ease stress effects during critical periods in animal production and development.


  • Higher feed acceptance, enhanced digestibility for a better use of feed
  • Better efficiency for improved profitability

  • Support animals on digestive challenges



    Digestarom® P.E.P. liquid

    A synergistic, phytogenic formula combined with highly available energy and Vitamin E 

    prevents the animals from digestive stress and minimizes mortality.

    For on-farm oral application for neonates during stress phases to safe-guard against enteric challenges

    and to reduce losses. 

    Digestarom support young animals in stressful phases. 



Digestarom® Bos

Phytogenic product formulated for use in milk replacer, starter feed and feedlot receiver diets.

Benefits for calfs: 

*High acceptance for fast diet adaptation and higher intakes

*Bolster coping capacity against stress challenges

*Enhanced vitality

*Higher weight gains

 *Consistent growth and performance


 Digestarom PEP sol

A liquid phytogenic blend of natural extracts from aromatic plants formulated to optimize animal performance.

it maintains feed intake under challenging conditions, enhances animals' tolerance of immune stressors

and promotes a favorable gut microbiota for more energy to be be directed towards growth.


Digestarom P.E.P MGE

Was developed using a specific and tailor-made matrix encapsulation technology for essential oils. 


*Even dispersion of active ingredients

*Compatible with pelleting/extrusion 

*Continuous release of active ingredients throughout animals' digestive tracts




For healthy farm animals Prevention is better than treatment